17 APR 2021

Aaltoes is part of the Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut webinar

"Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut is a webinar organized by Aalto Ventures Program that introduces different perspectives on student entrepreneurship, as well as ways to support..."
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14 APR 2021

The story behind Flowrite — a global startup that provides an AI-powered writing tool

"In this episode of Aaltoes Stories podcast we discuss what led to Aaro co-founding Flowrite and about concrete steps of building a product..."
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13 APR 2021

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly — From Aalto School of Economics to the London startup scene

"It’s time to launch our new concept – Explore Entrepreneurship! The concept aims to bring entrepreneurship-related skills and knowledge closer to you on a weekly basis. Let's welcome our opening guest, Meeri Moilanen..."
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9 APR 2021

Not landing an internship? Meet Talentrator!

"Do a short test on Talentrator and get interview offers from top companies. Instead of sending out random CV applications, Talentrator lets students..."
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1 APR 2021

Ignite is expanding and we would like you to expand with us — WE ARE looking for new team members

"Ignite by Aaltoes is expanding and we would like you to expand with us. We are now looking for a growth hacker who will focus on..."
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1 APR 2021

Aaltoes Stories with Verneri Jäämuru

"The second episode of our podcast Aaltoes Stories season 2 is out! This episode dives deep into the story of how Verneri Jäämuru ended up co-founding a healthtech startup..."
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31 mar 2021

register for the Aaltoes book club no.3 with pelago!

"We have planned something special for this Book Club no. 3 – a biking trip with our facilitator Pelago! In this book called Predictably Irrational..."
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17 mar 2021

The first episode of Aaltoes Stories season 2 is out!

"How did they get there? What happened along the way? What have been the biggest learning or the most significant moments of..."
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3 mar 2021

Lähde is looking for new course content creators

"What is Lähde? We are a team of 5 working to create an online learning platform for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs..."
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2 mar 2021


"It’s time for the second round of Aaltoes Book Club! This time we are focusing on silence: “But what really is silence?"
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22 feb 2021


"Are you ready to apply your skills outside of Zoom lectures and join an exciting project that could become the next big thing?"
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18 feb 2021

Ready for takeoff? Ignite x AVP info session for ARTS students

"Welcome to the AVP x Ignite info session on Monday the 22th of February at 17:00-17:40! Join us to learn of the different possibilities you have for combining entrepreneurship and design..."
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16 feb 2021

Get to know Aaltoes Brunch

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3 feb 2021

Aaltoes Book Club no. 1 with Lauri Järvilehto

"Hey bookworms and those who want to become ones! It’s time to launch the Aaltoes Book Club. The first round starts on the..."
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2 feb 2021

Aaltoes members launched

"Have you ever wondered why applying to universities is always such a hustle? Our team members Miikka Kirsilä, Jere Niemi and Joonas Räikkönen certainly have. aims to solve..."
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26 JAN 2021

Aaltoes is part of contact forum

"Still looking for a summer job? Our project Ignite is taking part in Finland's biggest recruiting event Contact Forum. Register to the virtual..."
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15 JAN 2021

Aaltoes sports is back!

"What a crazy amount of snow out there! Aaltoes sports is back! It’s time to kickstart the year with a joyful winter activity and go sled riding..."
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14 JAN 2021

Application for Ignite is open!

"Are you looking to do something different this summer? Let us introduce Aaltoes’ startup accelerator Ignite. Come and pursue your idea..."
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