22 FEB 2021


Are you ready to apply your skills outside of Zoom lectures and join an exciting project that could become the next big thing?

We are creating a platform that makes it easy for Aalto students to find the skill set missing in their project teams and the talent needed to take ideas to the next level.

Have you been thinking about embarking on that entrepreneurial journey or maybe bringing a course-project to reality? Or are you eager to leave your dorm and apply your skills outside the classroom by joining an exciting project?

We want to be the place where you find your next teammate or project to work on!

Right now, there is no platform or website that allows you to find projects to be part of at Aalto. Especially during remote learning times, it can be difficult to find opportunities through your network only and many great ideas are lost and never see the day of light.

That is where we come into play! We want to connect students across schools and different backgrounds and create a virtual shared space across the campus where collaboration gives life to new ideas and like-minded people meet to make cool things happen. Sounds awesome right?

This is where we need you!

To launch this platform, we are still looking for creative minds to join our team! Whether you have skills in web design, UX design, marketing, graphic design or are simply passionate about our idea, you might be exactly what we need.

No pressure though, no previous work experience is required. Regardless of background, reach out and join us in connecting Aalto ideas to the talents that could make them happen!

Reach out via:
Telegram — @civnv
Email — christina.ivanova@aalto.fi

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