14 MAY 2021

New podcast episode with Stella Tuovinen is out!

Need something to listen to for the weekend? Our new podcast episode is out!

In this episode, we concentrate on different aspects of data, from online advertising to solving real problems with the help of data and the ethical aspects of gathering it. We also touch on topics such as feedback culture, keeping up with competence, and leading a team. 

Stella Tuovinen also talks about her learnings from her years leading FallUp and being part of Aaltoes board. Stella is a Lead Customer Data Scientist at Smartly.io in San Francisco.

How did they get there? What happened along the way? What have been the biggest learnings or the most significant moments of growth? This podcast shares both inspiring as well as relatable stories from Aaltoes alumni and other interesting people. We dive deep into the entrepreneurial mindset, which is all about freedom to fail, constant learning, coping with uncertainty and so much more. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and tune in for a session of Aaltoes Stories!

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