what is it?

Aaltoes Mentoring is a mentoring program meant for all students and recent graduates interested in entrepreneurship. In this program you’ll get to learn from people more experienced in the field of entrepreneurship through their story, work experience and knowledge learnt on the way. The purpose of the mentoring program is to boost your personal and career development into new heights - and it’s free!

the program is for you, if...

You’re genuinely interested in entrepreneurship
You’re looking for advice, assistance or inspiration for taking the next steps in your career and life
You’re a student or a recent graduate
(Note that you’re not required to have your own business in order to apply!)

what will you learn?

You will learn valuable insights through the experience & knowledge of our Mentors to boost your own career and personal development. More specifically, the program will cover topics such as:

Entrepreneurial development and career
Dealing with failure
Personal branding
Life control and self-management

the structure

opening session


Mentor and Mentee meet for the first time and plan what goals both want to accomplish during the program.

Reflection dinner


All the Mentors and Mentees will gather together to meet each other and reflect on the progress they have made.

1-on-1 sessions

august - october

Mentor and Mentee meet two times tracking the progress towards the goals.



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