23 JUNE 2021

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly – Designing your business idea to executing ideas in practice

"Richard Nordström is the founder of Helppy with an MSc in Industrial Engineering as well as in Finance. After graduation he pursued a career in investment banking and consulting in London and Helsinki, working for Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group..."
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2 JUNE & 9 JUNE 2021

Aaltoes vaalilöylyt kuntavaalipaneeli 2021

"Kuntavaalit lähestyvät – joten on jälleen Vaalilöylyjen aika! Oletko vielä epävarma siitä, kuka ehdokkaista on äänesi arvoinen? Vaikka näitä löylyjä ei päästäkään heittelemään Startup Saunan lauteille fyysisesti, haluamme tarjota teille mahdollisuuden tutustua jokaisen puolueen ehdokkaaseen. Kutsuimme yhteen sekä Espoon, että Helsingin ehdokkaita keskustelemaan yrittäjyydestä..."
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26 may 2021

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly – IMPACT ENTREPRENEURSHIP

"Can Founders really tackle wicked challenges? Our next guest Larissa Leppänen (Swappie, ex-Compensate) believes so! Larissa has a background in Law from Leiden University and she is one of the Co-Founders of Compensate. Currently Larissa is working as..."
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19 MAY 2021


"Are you interested in impacting the world by starting something of your own but don’t know where to begin? Have you and your friends wondered how great ideas come to alive? Do you want to work in a dynamic...."
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12 may 2021

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly – Designing your life

"Are you thinking of what to do next in your life? Are you unsure of how you should plan your goals in a way that helps you to achieve them in the future? In this Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly,  we are having a workshop..."
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5 may 2021

Explore entrepreneurship weekly – founding, starting and leading a new project

"The guest of next week’s Explore Entrepreneurship is Axel Cedercreutz, who looks at life with a designer's mindset. He is passionate about building new things and perhaps because of this, he co-founded..."
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28 ApR 2021


"In our second Explore Entrepreneurship we are focusing on how to prototype your ideas to make them concrete. Our guest is Erwin Laiho, a sculptor who works as a fabricator at Aalto Design Factory..."
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26 ApR 2021


"During the Vappu week we are going to drive around the Helsinki area serving doughnuts and sima to cheer up students! There are going to be plenty of treats, so see our Vappu schedule below..."
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23 APR 2021

Aaltoes is part of the Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut webinar

"Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut is a webinar organized by Aalto Ventures Program that introduces different perspectives on student entrepreneurship, as well as ways to support..."
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21 APR 2021

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly — From Aalto School of Economics to the London startup scene

"It’s time to launch our new concept – Explore Entrepreneurship! The concept aims to bring entrepreneurship-related skills and knowledge closer to you on a weekly basis. Let's welcome our opening guest, Meeri Moilanen..."
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22 feb 2021

Ready for takeoff? Ignite x AVP info session for ARTS students

"Welcome to the AVP x Ignite info session on Monday the 22th of February at 17:00-17:40! Join us to learn of the different possibilities you have for combining entrepreneurship and design..."
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28 feb 2021

Get to know Aaltoes Brunch

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20 JAN 2021

Aaltoes sports is back!

"What a crazy amount of snow out there! Aaltoes sports is back! It’s time to kickstart the year with a joyful winter activity and go sled riding..."
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