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Projects are the perfect way to apply entrepreneurial thinking and learn what it is like to build something through doing in a safe environment. 


Dash is a growing movement that calls for creative problem-solvers. Dash aims to connect students and professionals from all fields of study using the tools and techniques of design thinking by organizing a weekend-long hackathon in a hotel where multidisciplinary teams solve problems from partner companies such as Mehiläinen, Kalmar and Fazer.

Since 2017


Do you have a business idea, but don’t really know how to start pushing it forwards? Ignite is a program where entrepreneurial-minded people get to bring their idea to life and create a concrete business out of it. The program aims to help and support potential future founders on their very first steps towards.

Since 2020


Silta is a program that takes Finnish entrepreneurs to the San Francisco Bay Area for three months. The purpose of Silta is to enable ambitious entrepreneurs from Finland to develop their company and vision in the can-do environment of Silicon Valley. In the big picture, we want to transform the humble Finnish attitude atmosphere to support taking on new, internationally ambitious ideas.

Since 2021


Showdown Morrow is the energetic event where multidisciplinary game changers come together to innovate ideas on which to build a better future. Our goal is to unite the holy trinity of sustainable change: the companies, the experts and the ambitious go-getters to collaborate towards green development. 

Since 2020


Revive creates multiple inspiring events throughout the year that focus on work-life balance and overall well-being. Revive aims to foster discussion and raise important questions around the challenges students and young professionals face in today’s competitive work environment.

Since 2018


Whether you want to gain experience or you have a project idea but are lacking people with relevant skills, posted is the link connecting passionate people and inspiring projects in the Aalto community. Posted is on a mission to eliminate knowledge gaps within student-led projects. 

Since 2020

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