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Aaltoes – Aalto Entrepreneurship Society – is the most prominent and active student-run entrepreneurship society in Europe. We provide entrepreneurial learning opportunities for curious individuals who want to challenge themselves and test their ideas in a creative and supportive atmosphere. Developing our members entrepreneurial mindset is at the core of our purpose.
Aaltoes is a catalyst for change. Even in challenging times, we see a possibility to bring something new into existence.
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22 DEC 2021

Unfolding Tomorrow — NO FOOD LEFT BEHIND

"In Finland, households generate 107–137 million kilos of food waste every year, and in the overall food chain, almost four times that much is wasted. Globally, it’s estimated that as of 2016, almost 14 percent of food produced globally was lost before even reaching the retail sector. Reducing food waste by just 15 percent could..."
5 sep 2021

are you a founder? join founders club!

"Happy Entrepreneur's Day to all founders! To celebrate all founders Aaltoes has launched a new community – Founders Club, to support entrepreneurs in building up their ideas into businesses....."
28 MAY 2021

Henrietta Moon on making a positive impact on the world

"In this episode we discuss how Henrietta ended up co-founding Carbo Culture, which is on a mission to bring down a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We talk about different approaches to solving..."
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