All Aaltoes events are free from all intimidating and disrespectful behaviour. When attending Aaltoes events, every attendee agrees to respect everyone regardless of their appearance, gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or other similar aspects.

Behaviour we don’t tolerate is for example (but not limited to):
– Verbal, disrespectful comments towards any attendee or organiser
– Intimidating behaviour or violence towards any attendee or organiser
– Inappropriate physical contact towards any attendee or organiser

By attending events organised by Aaltoes, you agree to obey these rules. In case the code of conduct is being violated by an attendee, Aaltoes has the right to remove this person from the event immediately and deny their access to any upcoming events.

The Aaltoes Code of Conduct has been established to secure that every attendee in our event feels safe and respected.

Our contact persons are:
Ahmed Hadi / p. 0451200273 
Anna Chialà / p. 0403528753