Event Producer - Role Description

We believe that entrepreneurship is the way to bring change to the world and thus entrepreneurship should be made as easy as possible. This is why we are launching a new set of services targeted at the growing student founder community called [Insert Project Name] (we don’t have a name yet but the name & logo contest is open!) We aim to make it easier than ever to become an entrepreneur already as a student and reach for your goals set high in the stars. These services include free legal & administrative consultation, mentorship programme, weekly events & workshops and most importantly the community and network of fellow founders.

A big part of this initiative is spreading awareness and providing insights into entrepreneurial concepts from different viewpoints and industries - educating, inspiring and motivating a larger audience towards learning to build solutions through startups. We do this through a series of weekly speaker events that we offer to a wider audience. You can spot these events on our website and info channels.

We are currently looking to recruit three part-time volunteer positions under the title of Event Producer (or some other cool name you might come up with) to help us create high quality and informative weekly open events on a broad range of current and important topics. In this position you will be able to explore your own interests and create events with the highest quality speakers to educate the public on these areas. You will join a growing team of passionate and hungry young individuals who are looking to create change and learn more about topics related to entrepreneurship.

Below we have listed some more specific information about the responsibilities and perks of this position:

Your responsibilities:

  • Planning and organising two open events per month

    • Choosing the topic

    • Inviting and confirming the high quality speaker(s)

    • Planning the program and content together with the speaker

    • Writing the marketing text for the event, guiding other marketing material creation

    • Selecting and ordering or confirming the availability of possible food and beverages

    • Hosting the speaker(s) and the audience at the event

    • Stepping on the stage when needed ;)

  • Helping us come up with new event concepts and improving the existing concepts and their execution

  • One weekly meeting (1h) required for coordinating event organisation with the event team. Time allocation is subjective, the event evening typically takes 4h every two weeks. Planning and coordinating the event depends on your own interest.

We will provide:

  • A team of other motivated students to work together with

  • A month long onboarding together with the team and hands on introduction to our operations

  • Recreational activities such as cottage weekends and team building days

  • Official Aaltoes membership and Swag

  • Access to all Aaltoes team activities and opportunities (such as trips, excursions, teambuilding and networking events)

  • The flexibility in providing our time and support to meet your schedule needs

  • Great professional development opportunities in the Finnish startup ecosystem

You will gain:

  • Skills in event planning, execution and project management

  • Skills in cold contacting and leveraging networks

  • Networks in the Finnish startup ecosystem

  • Unique opportunities to learn about different topics of your choosing in the context of entrepreneurship

  • Your part in a great community of young, passionate and likeminded people working on the forefront of entrepreneurship in Finland


Express your interest through this form as soon as possible, we don’t ask for any cover letters or CV:s, filling this form takes 3 minutes (really). DL Sunday 22nd May, please to this ASAP

We will contact you and invite you to discuss with us as soon as possible after you have given your contact information on week 20 - at the latest during week 21.

We plan to start the onboarding on week 21 or 22 (Monday 23rd onwards).

Express your interest by giving us your contact information from the link below. We can’t wait to be in touch with you!