23 JUNE 2021

EEW – Designing your business idea to executing ideas in practice

Richard Nordström is the founder of Helppy with a MSc in Industrial Engineering as well as in Finance from Aalto University. After graduation, Nordström pursued a career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, then shifted to the consultancy industry as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & co, and as the Principal of Boston Consulting Group. When his mother unexpectedly fell ill and needed assistance in 2016, Nordström realized that the industry was outdated. Helppy was created!

Want to hear more about how to make the shift from working in big companies to the startup scene? Join us to hear Richard’s best tips in starting your own company, from designing your business idea to executing it on Wednesday 23rd of June at 17:00 (EET)!

Note that we have postponed this event for a week due to the European Football Championship competitions – good luck Huuhkajat!

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly – EEW, is a concept by Aaltoes that aims to bring entrepreneurship-related skills and knowledge closer to you on a weekly basis. See the upcoming events from our event page.


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