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All our events are open to the public, and we welcome anybody interested to get to know us! We also have student run projects that offer entrepreneurial experiences as well as support for people building their own ventures.


The best way to become involved in the Aaltoes community is to attend our events and get to know the board, project leads, and other active members in person. Our events are always open for everyone, and we encourage you to come check out what the fuss is all about! Some of the recurring events include:

  • Speaker events

  • Explore Aaltoes 

  • Community brunches​

  • Project-specific events

To stay in the loop for upcoming events, join our Telegram-channel through the link below! You can also follow us on Instagram @aaltoes.


Projects are the perfect way to apply entrepreneurial thinking and learn what it is like to build something in a safe environment. If you want a risk-free way to take ownership and see the result of your work, join a project team and start doing! All of our projects are run by students under Aaltoes, which provides the best starting point for getting started with your own idea!

All of our projects are run by volunteers, and the teams are constantly growing and evolving. Some roles are general Aaltoes volunteer roles, where you will work closely with the Aaltoes board, and some roles are project-specific roles, where you will be working with a designated team. Are you the missing piece? See all open positions below!

Operations, Partnerships, Manager // Silta

Apply to the most geographically global Aaltoes-project Silta!

Graphic designer, Web developer, content creator // Revive

Ready to improve the work-life balance and well-being of busy people? Join Revive's team!

Community developer // Tulva

Want to get in to the world of deep tech? Tulva is the right place for that!

Multiple roles // Aaltoes

See the linked Typeform for our open positions and apply straight through the form. We can't wait to grow the Aaltoes team!

Social-media and marketing // Aaltoliike-podcast

Want to see what it's like to produce a podcast & help bring it to life? Join Aaltoliike-podcast's team!

Create your own role

Do you have something in mind? Let us know and we can talk more!


Got an idea that you want to bring to life but don’t know quite where to start? Or perhaps you already have a company or startup that you need help with? Aaltoes also offers coaching, services, facilities and peer support to help you build your venture and boost it to the next level. Come chat with any of the board members at our open events and we will get you started. You can find our contact info on the Contact-page.

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