23 APR 2021

Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut webinar

Yritetään yhdessä — Opiskelijayrittäjyyden monet polut is a webinar organized by Aalto Ventures Program that introduces different perspectives on student entrepreneurship, as well as ways to support and develop it.

As a student, you will hear about various opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial skills through organizational activities or internships, as well as about transforming these skills into credits. As a teacher, you will learn about different ways to support the development of students ’entrepreneurial skills, as well as more about identifying and recognizing those skills.

The seminar is part of a YYTO project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which has involved numerous universities and student organizations promoting entrepreneurship around the country, including Aaltoes.

The event is free, but requires registration and the event is held in Finnish.

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