5 MAY 2021

EEW - founding, starting and leading a new project

The guest of next week’s Explore Entrepreneurship is Axel Cedercreutz, who looks at life with a designer's mindset. He is passionate about building new things and perhaps because of this, he co-founded the first project under Aaltoes that was a melting pot for different fields – Dash! Dash highlights the impact of design-thinking in problem-solving and has been growing year by year, now being the world’s leading design hackathon. Currently Axel works at a software startup called Rentle.

Want to know how you could start and lead your own project like Axel did Dash? Just register through the link below and join us on Wednesday the 5th of May at 17:00 (EET)!

Explore Entrepreneurship Weekly – EEW, is a concept by Aaltoes that aims to bring entrepreneurship-related skills and knowledge closer to you on a weekly basis. See the upcoming events from our event page.

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