28 FEB 2021

Get to know Aaltoes Brunch

To cheer up these times, we are organizing a remote brunch!

We want to invite everyone who is interested in Aaltoes, wants to hear about our current projects or just wants to cook a delicious brunch with our community to join us on our instagram live on Sunday the 28th of February at 12:00.

From our instagram post, you will see our selected menu and a shopping list for the ingredients, so you can take part in the cooking as well as the challenge we got from Green Hippo!

Green Hippo told us that the ham got lost from the scrambled eggs plate, so we need you to help Hippo figure out a friend to scrambled eggs. So, get creative and post a picture of your scrambled eggs (or scrambled tofu) plate with a twist on instagram (stories or feed) with the tags #aaltoesbrunch @aaltoes and @greenhippocafe to get a chance to win a 50€ gift card to Green Hippo!

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