9 APR 2021

Not landing an internship? Meet Talentrator!

"Do a short test on Talentrator, and get interview offers from top companies."

Instead of sending out random CV applications, Talentrator lets students qualify themselves based on their industry knowledge and personality. Together with industry leaders, they create short talent assessment tests available for all students to do. The highest-scoring participants are directly picked for job interviews at top companies.

Talentrator has already created tests together with some of the financial services sector's most influential leaders, including Henrik Andersin, chairman at Evli Bank, Joakim Frimodig, CEO at private equity giant Capman, and Walter Estlander, partner at hedge fund Estlander & Partners.

Talentrator is built by three students – Calle Unnérus, William Engblom and Maximilian Wittmer. Calle is part of the Aaltoes team in an upcoming project and William is the Co-President of Hanken Entrepreneurship Society.

Show your talent and increase your chances of landing an internship! The first tests are already live.

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