17 MAR 2021

The first episode of Aaltoes Stories season 2 is out!

How did they get there? What happened along the way? What have been the biggest learning or the most significant moments of growth? This podcast shares both inspiring as well as relatable stories from Aaltoes alumni and other interesting people. 

We dive deep into the entrepreneurial mindset, which is all about freedom to fail, constant learning, coping with uncertainty and so much more. Produced by Aaltoes Studios, Aaltoes Stories opens up the diversity of an entrepreneurial way of doing things and how it manifests in different life stories.

In this episode we discuss the differences between working in a startup and a corporation as well as what one could learn from the other. We talk about the future of fashion through the movement Fashion Forward, founded by our guests. Our guests also share their most valuable learnings from their years in Aaltoes. Tiina Nyman is a Digital Content Producer at instagrid and Anna Sillanpää is an Operations Lead in a business unit at CGI.

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