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''Design is for everyone. We're on a mission to make that happen.'' - Dash team

Dash is a growing movement that calls for creative problem-solving methods in all aspects of life. Dash aims to connect students and professionals from all fields of study, using the tools and methods of design-thinking.
Have a business idea, but don’t really know how to start pushing it forwards?

Ignite is a program where entrepreneurial-minded people get to bring their idea to life and create a concrete business out of it. The program aims to help and support potential future founders on their very first steps towards.
Wicked is a weekly gathering promoting impact entrepreneurship. We are done when Helsinki is the #1 place for aspiring impact entrepreneurs. Wicked Helsinki brings together everyone with the same mission, from ambitious students to experienced founders.
Series activates innovation by bringing all academic fields together. It encourages solving future challenges with different skill-sets strengthening each other. We believe that the young generation is the driving force in shaping the future. More than that, we believe that the power in a change lies in collaborativeness and the community around it.
Revive creates multiple inspiring events throughout the year that focus on work-life balance and overall well-being. Revive aims to foster discussion and raise important questions around the challenges students and young professionals face in today’s competitive work environment, as those topics can be difficult to cope with alone.
This project will bring entrepreneurs from all business models to share real, diverse and inspiring content to students. Their mission is to push people who are uncertain but interested about entrepreneurship into the world of modern day business and their goal is to be the go-to place for studying online entrepreneurship.

You will hear more about this project soon!
Whether you want to gain experience or you have a project idea but are lacking people with relevant skills, posted is the link connecting passionate people and inspiring projects in the Aalto community.  

Posted is on a mission to eliminate knowledge gaps within student-led projects. Gaining experience can be fun! And developing your ideas is not intimidating with a cool team.
A community where Founders can help each other out, share knowledge and use Aaltoes networks. Founders Club offers its members workshops, networking, mentoring, co-working spaces, exclusive benefits and more.
''Continues learning is at the core of our mission.'' – Aaltoes

Aaltoes Book Club is a monthly recurring get-together launched by the board. We administer cogitation where our members can broaden their perspectives, grasp unfamiliar concepts, & gain new relationships.
Showdown Morrow
Showdown Morrow is the energetic event where multidisciplinary game changers come together to innovate ideas on which to build a better future. Our goal is to unite the holy trinity of sustainable change: the companies, the experts and the ambitious go-getters to collaborate towards green development. Be a part of the change, help us create a better tomorrow, be a part of Showdown Morrow.
Aaltoes sports
The purpose of Aaltoes Sports is to act as an easily approachable activity for anyone interested in Aaltoes and as a way to spend time with like-minded people.  
aaltoes studios
Aaltoes Studios produces online content that aims to provide new knowledge and skills and foster discussion on current and important topics.
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