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We regret to inform you that all the physical events of the spring have been postponed until further notice due to the safety instructions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). However, we've come up with some great online content for the time being! Read more from down below.

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Dash is the biggest design hackathon organized in Europe. Dash connects the talents from all different fields of art, tech and business to come up with creative solutions for various companies. Dash was organized for the first time in 2016.


FallUp is Europe's biggest inspirational event for students. FallUp brings students valuable insights from passionate people in the industry, fresh ideas for the future and tools to succeed. The program includes engaging workshops, an impressive ensemble of speakers, grand stage shows and more. FallUp was organized for the first time in 2015.


Revive creates multiple inspiring events throughout the year that focus on work-life balance and overall well-being. Revive aims to foster discussion and raise important questions around the challenges students and young professionals face in today’s competitive work environment, as those topics can be difficult to cope with alone.

showdown morrow

Showdown Morrow is a 2-day event where students, speaker and stakeholders come together to learn about and create a sustainable tomorrow. Showdown Morrow brings elements from hackathons, the festival scene as well as the academic world. In this event students from different academic fields can participate in discussions about sustainable development, but also get to know each other and have fun!

talk the talk

Talk The Talk is an initiative to train the next generation of public speakers. Talk The Talk organizes a program in which ambitious talents get to attend training sessions with top-notch professionals for 1-2 months, and then move onto a series of open public speaking workshops. The whole program culminates in the final show.


Have a business idea, but don’t really know how to start pushing it forwards? Ignite is a program where entrepreneurial-minded people get to bring their idea to life and create a concrete business out of it. The program aims to help and support potential future founders on their very first steps towards entrepreneurship by offering them assistance and financial aid, and thereby lowering the threshold for starting your own business.

aaltoes mentoring

Aaltoes Mentoring is a mentoring program meant for all students and recent graduates interested in entrepreneurship. In this program you’ll get to learn from people more experienced in the field of entrepreneurship through their story, work experience and knowledge learnt on the way. The purpose of the mentoring program is to boost your personal and career development into new heights!



Want to be a part of founding the next Slush? Then Roundtable, the project ideating event, is definitely for you! During a roundtable session people get in teams around a table, and by facilitated storming and ideating, come up with a project of their own. After that, with the help of Aaltoes, the founding team can start running and scaling their project into reality.

AALTOES ambassadors

Aaltoes Ambassadors takes team members to the most blossoming startup ecosystems of the world. Inspiring excursions and connecting with people abroad allows us to gain perspective and learn from entrepreneurial people across the globe!


Aaltoes Studios produces online content that aims to provide new knowledge and skills, foster discussion on current topics and inspire towards entrepreneurship. Aaltoes Studios' production includes both podcasts and webinars. Stay tuned!


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